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Alexis Corrigan
"Snakebite Protection"
 - Feature Film - Issue Driven Documentary/Narrative/Educational Film - Hyperfex, LLC & Living Wired Productions
February 2013 - August 2013
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Snakebite Protection is an issue driven film that acknowledges the perpetuation of violence against women. It is a documentary and a narrative all mixed in one with factual interview monologues seguing through a narrative story and many vignettes exposing the audience to violence against women. All stories in this film are based on actual events and expose the audience of the horrifying truth of what women who are put in these situations have to deal with, and how they do it.

Quick Facts:
Director: Raymond McMillan
Production Company: Hyperfex & Living Wired Productions
Director of Photography: Michael Maliwanag
Editor/Post Production Supervisor: Alexis Corrigan
Composer: Zach Gordon
Format: 5D
Platforms Used: Final Cut Pro 7. After Effects CS5.
Length: 2hrs 16mins

Filmed in: Chicago, IL
Tag Line: "Based on True American Horror Stories."

Hey! Check out the Trailer I edited for Snakebite Protection!:

Snakebite Protection Trailer - Trailer



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Alexis Corrigan
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