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Alexis Corrigan
"Laundry Day"
Short Narrative - Comedy - Columbia College Chicago
April 2010

Kyle meets Georgia in the laundry room of their building. Seeing the opportunity to flirt with the prettiest girl in the building, Kyle starts up a load of her laundry and pays for it himself. Georgia comes back and is flattered by his gesture, but finds that Kyle isn't all that great at taking care of laundry.

Quick Facts:
Director: Alexis Corrigan
Writer: Erik Duemig
Director of Photography:
Kaitlyn Schneider
Editor: Alexis Corrigan
Production Design: Scott Lyons
Format: 16mm Film
Platforms Used: Avid Media Composer 6
Length: 3:20

Filmed in: Chicago, IL

Alexis Corrigan
Phone: 630-276-8944

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