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Alexis Corrigan
Short Narrative - Drama/Action/Thriller - Columbia College Chicago
November 2009

While having premonitions in his sleep, Ethan wakes up after seeing a horrifying image in his sleep of his friend Dan being killed in a car accident. Quickly, Ethan must alter reality to make sure Dan doesn't encounter a car accident. Through the quest, Ethan finds it difficult to tell the difference between reality and dreams. This film was made as an homage to Tim Burton and Frederico Fellini

Quick Facts:
Director: Scott Lyons
Writer: Michael Bygrave
Director of Photography:
Kaitlyn Schneider
Editor: Alexis Corrigan
Format: P2 Cards
Platforms Used: Final Cut Pro 7
Filmed in: Chicago, IL
Length: 8:16

Alexis Corrigan
Phone: 630-276-8944

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