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Alexis Corrigan
- Short Experimental - Experimental Dance - Independent Film
May 2011 - March 2012
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A short film of a couple struggling through a relationship, the story takes the audience back and forth showing glimpses of their struggles. Glimpse touches on the universal idea of love, and showing every aspect of it between two people through dance.

Quick Facts
Director: Andrea C. Pabon
Director of Photography: Sandi Nowosielski
Editor/Script Supervisor/Sound Designer: Alexis Corrigan
Choreographer: Sarah Rabbers
Music Composition:
Formant: 5D
Platforms Used: Final Cut Pro 7. Pro Tools 10. Adobe After Effects.
Length: 7:34
Filmed in: Chicago, IL
Fun Fact: This is the fourth time (through 9th time counting the trailers for glimpse below) time I worked with Andrea C. Pabon
Premiere Date: March 12th, 2012

Hey! Check out these other videos I edited for Glimpse!:

Glimpse Teaser - Promotional Teaser
Glimpse Trailer #1 - Trailer#1
Glimpse Trailer #2 - Trailer #2
Glimpse Auditions - Behind the Scenes - Promotional Video
The Making of Glimpse - Promotional Video

Public Screenings:
March 12, 2012 - Dance Films Kino Festival - Chicago, IL
Alexis Corrigan
Phone: 630-276-8944

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