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Alexis Corrigan
"Black Majick"
 - Short Narrative - Thriller/Drama/Horror - Independent Film
(currently in Post Production)
October 2015 - 
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A family of runaway slaves find their path to freedom jeopardized when they encounter a malicious witch in a Louisiana Swamp. Black Majick takes audiences on a spell binding journey set against the backdrop of one of the darkest times in American history. Blending history with fantasy, it will have you questioning what is real while leaving you on the edge of your seat

Quick Facts:
Director: Terrence Jones
Director of Photography: Phil Jackson
Editor: Alexis Corrigan
Composer: Joey Massari
Format: R3D
Platforms Used:  Adobe Premiere Pro CC
Length: 15:48

Filmed in: New Orleans, LA
Fun Fact: This is the fourth time I worked with Terrence Jones
Premiere Date: June 2016

Tag Line: "Some paths should never be traveled."

Public Screenings:
MY54 New Orleans - New Orleans, LA - April 2018
CBS Los Angeles - Los Angeles, CA - April, 2018
Black Harvest Film Festival - Chicago, IL - August 2017
New Orleans Film Festival - New Orleans, LA - 10/16/17

San Diego Black Film Festival, San Diego, CA - 4/29/17
Columbia College Chicago Alumni Night - El Cid's Los Angeles, CA - 9/28/16  



Honorable Mention: Best Sound Design - New Orleans Film Festival - New Olreans, LA - 10/16/17    


Alexis Corrigan
Phone: 630-276-8944

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