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Alexis Corrigan
Short Narrative - Science Fiction/Drama - Columbia College Chicago - March 2011


Thad, an alien from another planet is being held in a science lab on Area 51. Father Andrew, a priest, is sent in to calm Thad and send him any words of comfort. Once meeting Thad, Father Andrew finds that this alien can help planet earth more than Father Andrew can help Thad, and forces the priest to question his own faith.

Quick Facts
Writer & Director
Caitlin Noah
Based on a story by: BK Mann
Director of Photography: Sandi Nowosielski

Production Design: Andrea C. Pabon
Alexis Corrigan

Platform Used Final Cut Pro 7.
Length: 7:34
Format: P2 Cards
Filmed In: Chicago, IL
Fun Fact: This is the third time I worked with Caitiln Noah.
Alexis Corrigan
Phone: 630-276-8944

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